Why Promotional Buttons Are Great Marketing Tools


Promotional buttons are one of the oldest marketing tools that are still in use today. Nowadays it is common to have promotional buttons used by politicians during campaign seasons. You may be considering using promotional buttons, but you are not sure how useful this marketing strategy is. Below are reasons why promotional buttons and custom pins are great marketing tools.

The promotional pin-back buttons are designed to have a suitable size for pinning on a shirt or jacket. Therefore, the person wearing the promotional pin-back button is not worried about causing unwanted attention. Given that, people keep on moving from one place to another. The person wearing your company’s promotional pin-back button will be marketing you to a wide area. For example, the person will market you on the bus he or she uses to go home. The person will also market you to the mall they go for their shopping.

Custom button pins are used to initiate a conversation between people about your products. For example, the person wearing the custom button pins may be asked various questions depending on your company. Therefore the custom button pins is a great way to promote the publicity for your company.

Promotional buttons are one of the cheapest marketing tools you can use. The cost of designing and manufacturing of custom button pins is very low. Therefore, custom buttons are one of the most affordable marketing strategies for even the small businesses. Also, you are not going to pay the person wearing your company’s custom pin. Meaning that this person is marketing your company for free. Most people are pleased to give a company’s custom promotional buttons. Thus, they will wear the promotional button proudly on their shirt on the jacket. You should, therefore, use custom promotional buttons are gifts to your customers and employees. These two groups have the potential of widely marketing your company by merely using the custom promotional buttons.

Promotional buttons are timeless marketing tools. The buttons have been in use for many years and will continue to be relevant in the future. You can, therefore, use the custom promotional buttons for an extended period. Also, the custom promotional buttons are both useful for small and big businesses.

Therefore if you are researching on a cheap and effective way to market your company and the product or services you sell. You should consider using the custom promotional buttons. These marketing tools are cheap to use and easy to implement.


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